Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last February we went to Disney world and the kids absolutely loved it! Tiring for mom and dad but totally worth it to see the kids faces!

 I am going to try to blog more because if anything I can look back on it and remember the everyday things I am able to enjoy with my family. I am now a full time stay at home mom. Brooke started Kindergarten and is doing well. She is the youngest in her class but still tall. Imagine that!
 She is in ballet tap and jazz and loves it!. She is constantly singing and dancing every chance she gets. Caleb will be turning 4 in a few weeks so we are getting ready to celebrate his big day. He is having a Batman cake and Loves batman!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where has the time gone!!!

Well lets update!! It has really been since Febuary, I have been running around crazy and wild with no time. Why do I always feel so tired? I am working full time now from 6:30-2pm which is great. Brooke is now in a ballet tap calss and loves it. She is getting so big I can't belive my eyes! Caleb is turning into his terrible twos, its outrageous! I thought I just got Brooke out of that!!! He is starting to say so many new words. We are currently in Friendswood Texas which I love my new house and neighborhood!! Its wonderful and it will be fun to remodel. Jared is still working at BP and we are thankful for our Jobs :). Brooke currently had her tonsils and Adnoieds out on Wed, and is running around like a mad women. I totally cried alot with this which is so odd because Caleb had tubes in July and I did not shed a tear. I have been off for the last two weeks which has been wonderful. I love my kids and its been nice to get my house in order. So our plans for thankgiving and Christmas are staying home because of Jareds work schedule.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caleb Turns ONE

February 19, 2009
Caleb Ryan Livesay
7lbs 3oz

He was a serious cake eater, hardly any smiles

Caleb turned ONE on Friday Febuary 19. Where does the time go. This year really has flown by. He just seem so little still. He is totally walking everywhere. His 12 month check up put him in th 22% for weight....up from 17. Slowly we are increasing. He is in the 67% for height. My long and lean baby. Still only has his little off the to the side snaggle tooth. He says mmm,( he is getting close to ma ma) dada ( of course) and he growls alot. He is so Fun. Such a joy to have and be around. He loves to wrestle with dad, such a boy!!! Obviously that is good. Brooke and him are such different personalities. Thank goodness he is so laid back. He absolutly adores his sister and cracks up at everything she does. He hardly ever cries and when he does it is for a serious reason. He really is such a snuggler too.. He is so fun and We will definitely keep him around.


Friday, January 8, 2010

The New Year- 2010- and Update

It has been forever since I posted anything. I have been insanely busy between my wonderful kids and husband and balancing a new job, trying to sell the house (really meaning I need to keep it super clean). Time really has flown by!! Brooke is basically potty trained having a few accidents. We still keep her in the pull ups, not for too much longer. Hopefully till the pull ups are gone. She is really starting to shoot up. Brooke is really cracking me up now with what she says. She is speaking in sentences and I love it!! She definitely like to talk... I wonder where that came from. HAHAHA! Anyways, she loves her brother and wants to be the boss for sure. Always telling him what to do and "no no little boy" and yet she is so loving with him. She wants to hold him all the time and he doesn't really want to be held any more. She always wants to be the center of attention and anything Caleb has she all the sudden wants to play with it. We love her so much and she is so much fun to watch growing up! She loves going to her school and enjoys all the fun things they get to do. Caleb is really getting close to walking, he took three steps. I am so amazed how fast the year has gone with him. I really feel like I just had him. He will be one on Febuary 19! He is so skinny and long. He was int the 20th percent for his weight. That was up from his 6 month check at 17. The dr's wanted to make sure I was feeding him right. I was a little emabrresed that my son is so small and when Brooke was his age was such a chunk. Oh well, he is finally starting to act more into food. He says "dadadadada". Of course I am still working on the mama. He finally broke a tooth! He has one barely poking through. Yeah! He gives kisses and claps, he really is so smart. It does not take him long to figure out things especially with his mischivious sister. I am sure they will be partners in crime soon. He loves his new mickey mouse push toy. He seriously runs with it. He really could probably walk on his own I just think he is still to afraid or prefers to crawl like a speed demon. Caleb is so awesome and easy going with only the ocassional outburst. He' satys tough with Brooke. I am pretty sure there will be a role reversal soon and I will here many cries from her. Jared and I are moving along Hopefully we will sell soon and be able to build. It's been exciting. We have picked out our new house plan for the 40th time, hopefullly this one will stick. I really like it. I have a new Job at a pediatric dental Offive Of course like many othe Americans we have made goals to lose weight. We will be married for 7 years in June and I am hitting the later 20's this year. Where does the time go. Hopefully I will not be pregnant this year! I have been pregnant at some time in the year for 4 years The goal this year is no baby! LOL. I hope everyone was able to have a wonderful Holiday season and we are excited to see what 2010 brings. Here are some pictures of our Chritmas.

My favorite Kids Ever!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Weekend

What A busy week!!! Jeremy and Heather made it to the temple and are now off on there Cruise. It was absolutely wonderful to be in the temple and see them get married. I am so thankful for them more than words could even say. I hope it was the best day of there life! Heather looked absolutly gorgeous and well, Jeremy was handsome too. Here are some pics form the exciting weekend!
The Happy Couple!!
Absolutely Beautiful!
Grandma and Caleb
My Boys!!
Brooke was the Flower girl. Way too Pretty!! I love her!
My totally Handsome Son
Our Little Fam!! My whole Life!

The COOL Guys!!
Mel and Phoenix
Emma Claire and Caleb
Priceless!! My Brookie!
My baby!

There was Candy and chocolate all over the reception. I kept seeing Brooke sticking her fingers in the side of the Grooms cake!! Ahhh! Every time I saw here she was running around dancing and then to the chocolate fountain, grooms cake or candy table! She was pretty serious candy high!! She had a total Blast! What a wonderful reason to celebrate!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emma Claire's Bday!!

The Birthday Girl

The Castle Cake

The girls and Caleb
Brooke on the trampoline

This past weekend we were so excited to get to visit our cousins in Louisiana. Brooke absolutly adores Her cousin Emma Claire and Carson . Not to mention its always fun for me too because I have such an awesome Sister in law over there . I was thankful to get to ride with my mother in law. The ride wasn't bad because I got to catch up on the girl talk. The party was a blast. They had two big moon walks. Brooke loved going down the slide. She loves the trampoline too. I did make the cake, and it was some work .We had a cake-tastrophe!! I totally cried,but we made it, and the cake turned out super cute for a totally cute and sweet little princess who turned four!! Congrats Emma Claire we love you!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mom and Dads Escape!

After a long night at Six Flags, Jared and I went up to Oklahoma and checked out a few sites. It was really fun. We hiked up on some trails in some different places. We first went to Chickasaw National Park and went through some natural springs. The water was of course cold and beautiful. Crystal clear. It was fun to be out outdoors and not feel like we were melting. Not to mention the scenery was beautiful. After that we went up and saw An antique Tractor show. It was hilarious, I felt so country watching these tractors race... to see who could idle the slowest. We walked around and checked out all the tractors. I've never seen so many old people in overalls!! Good country Folk, all of them so nice! Then we headed up to Turner Falls Park. It was awesome! We are taking the kids next time because they have a ton of shallow spots to let the kids splash around in. They had a huge slide and just a great out doors area! We stayed over night in a little cabin and Slept in! Yeah, but we still got up at 8, but that was sleeping in! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kiddos!

Jared actually jumped in the freezing water!
Me and the Tractor!
Don't look away you might miss the race!!
Jared in The springs

Turner Falls- 77ft highThis is above the falls
Hiking on the trails
I really love him a ton!!